“When you dance a dance of another, you make yourself in the image of its creator.”- from Suspiria

There is something potent about cinema—whether it be the visuals or the dialogue, something as visceral as Taxi Driver or something as colorful as Purple Rain or Wizard of Oz. A beautiful tribute to the many worlds of film & the ideas they give to us. I’ve been trying to curate a special issue paying homage to cinema as I love to write about film. Two of my favorites include Nightmare on Elm Street and The Neon Demon. I enjoy horror and color. From dramas such as, Call Me By Your Name to Annihilation, the list goes on. I’ve curated an issue of poems and nonfiction celebrating and paying respect to cinema, blending the two medias together for one scene.

–Mateo Lara


Shawn Anto: “The Falling” and “Extraordinary Man

Kolleen Carney-Hoepfner: “Watching Secretary, I Think of the Palm of Your Hand” and “During Marwencol, I Play with Your Hair

Morgan Melhuish: “Icon

Joe Bisicchia: “Rosebud,” “Castaway,” and “Credits

Ashley Naftule: “Sidekick Seeks Second Banana,” “Smoking Is Sexy When French People Do It,” and “That Time Sweet Baby James Called Warren Oates A Motherfucker

Otra Vez by Violet Rey

Celina McManus: “desire—survival

Pedro Larrea: “4 (De Manuscrito del hechicero)” / “4 (from The Wizard’s Manuscript)

Mike Ferguson: “Hell or High Water

Daryl Scroggins: “Something for the Dream Screen

Juliette van der Molen: “Rohypnol Rubies,” “Technicolor Dream,” and “Judy, Too

Kelli Gavin: “Purple Rain

Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins: “Anytime, Anyplace,” “I got some bad ideas in my head,” and “Someday a real rain will come

Norma Guadalupe Camorlinga: “Dia de Muertos

Ann Cefola: “First draft in a drawer,” “Discard the passionless poem,” and “A poem chooses its own ending

Anne Rubin: “Domestic Conjecture #269, #266, #152

Jesse Mcknight: “Dark Corner Impromptu

Chance Dibben: “Stray Reels