Welcome to Rabid Oak, an erratically-published literary journal broadcasting from California’s southern San Joaquin Valley.  In addition to our twice-yearly online journal, we publish an ongoing series of “Locally Sourced” literature centered on writing that captures life as it exists in our neck of the woods: Visalia to Frazier Park, McKittrick to Mojave.

Congratulations to our nominees for the following publications!

Best Small Fictions: Angela Readman, “Beautiful Girl Cooking Frogs”; Kolleen Carney, “The Way It Is Now”; and Katie Quinnelly, “The Thousandth Crane”

Pushcart Prize: Vickie Vértiz, “Vete a la Chingada Party”; Lindsay Wilson, “Plums as Chinese Lanterns”; Gregory Crosby, “America’s Oldest Fridge Still Keeping Cool”; Emily Paige Wilson, “Poet as Doctor”; Don Thompson, “Summer School”; and Laurie Kolp, “You wouldn’t believe it Jesus”