Is there ever ambivalence in killing – as opposed to death by economics? Hope in eternal heat and deluge seems the remotest of understandable dumb and desperate thinking. Oh those jokes. Vigilantes are just protecting, right? We cannot watch before that moment, but now after, its prescience rolls out across a never-ending landscape like tumbling. One was a mean dude, the other only acting a part, historically speaking. How the heists are culturally our Robin Hood of selfishness. Even jalopies appear mystical in a getaway. Oh brother/s. If there was redemption it got buried with that car, so large and premeditated the hole. Retribution, however, is a haze across the plains, sunrise the same every day apart from storm.


Mike Ferguson is an American permanently resident in the UK and widely published in online magazines. His most recent print work is the poetry chapbook Precarious Real [Maquette Press, 2016] and he co-edited with Rupert Loydell the music poems anthology Yesterday’s Music Today [Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2015].