First Viewing

she showed me her baby
as if she had birthed it
hesitant energy still
between us

on-screen superheroes
battles with high stakes
together on her couch
formidable walls stood
between us

Second Viewing

alone in my room
pink moscato heavy
on my lips
drunkenness settling
into my hips

I text her, all hail
the lady villain
misandrist fantasies
playing out on my laptop
shoulder cut-outs
for the goddess
my power trip goals

and bisexual valkyrie
drowning her despair
in booze, hey that was
me just last year
if only Marvel could let
her be explicitly queer

Third Viewing

a different woman
a different room
in her bed I am
chocolate and red wine
delicate twist of sex & comfort
I breathe in her cologne
vapors from her pen
all her scents

she claimed I made her
room smell like me
I revel in the thought
of leaving my essence
in her space…
all flowery & pink

she didn’t appreciate
the flavors of the film
a dynamic blend
“Do you think every superhero
movie should be a serious face
in the dark?”
I laugh & wrap myself around her