Anytime, Anyplace
(After Taxi Driver)

corpses in shadows                                                                                   dispose
a typo gone right                                                                                        spite
turn left                                                                                                        theft
then up- a manic display                                                                          preys
of love and hatred                                                                                     elated,
a sedentary regret                                                                                     whet
how are you so courageous?                                                                   ages
so cowardly?                                                                                               sourly
how do you sleep on highways marked heavy with commute?      brute
like dancers splitting heels to fly                                                            alibi
where do you end, and I retrieve?                                                         weaves
in the dark                                                                                                   stark
everyone is beautiful                                                                                full
everyone is flawless                                                                                  solace,
how do you melt?                                                                                      Hell…


I got some bad ideas in my head

sinner. sin. sinful. lonely. hungry.
backseat movie on repeat.
where next?
Up and Downtown.
money. jelly. drugs and sex.
a fly on the wall.
where it separates,
the real from the mundane.
bad food. fast-food. fuel.
a corpse behind glass.
a beast that loves.
hostile. separate. contrary.
red intentions buttoned up.
spirits in coat pockets.
tongues and cocks displayed, a bouquet on tabletops.
a hero with good teeth.
strong arms that pilot your pulse, from
flickering to dusk.


Someday a real rain will come

Loneliness can be an art form/
It can manifest into corn flakes or guns
it can leave you feeling like a father
to those that don’t need one/
Loneliness wears boots,
into the idealization of another/
Makes you a hero,
a worker,
a son/
Loneliness is a twin bed and a color T.V.
it sits on the roof of your mouth
and doesn’t listen to music/
Instead it eats bad food, from bad diners,
and insists that love looks like a sunflower,
and that blood looks better on walls/


Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins is a Salvadoran refugee who scribbles nonsense and makes it into verse. She hopes it resonates. Her goal is to be an anonymous voice that cuddles the masses. You can find her tirades and lasciviousness on & on Twitter @BrujaLamatepec