Step right up, folks!  Don’t be shy.  Pull up a chair and read a while.  Our leaves may bite, and our trees may bark, but what’s life without a scar or two to brag about over beers in some dusty establishment: “You see this one here?  I got that from a poem, a poem, I tell you! And this one?  That was from the ending of a story.  I never saw it coming . . . ”


Jeremy Casabella: “Worship,” “Puddle,” and “You are So Cool”

William Doreski: “Compost and Composting”

Jennifer Gruber: “Omens,” “Thalassophobic,” “King of the Rain”

Laurie Kolp: “In-Between Trash and a Picnic,” “Reunion with an Aging Mother,” and “You wouldn’t believe it Jesus”

Richard King Perkins II: “A Pink Blackbird”

Eli Sahm: “i’m ok lawnmowing dandelions probably delicious” and “prodigal son”

Don Thompson: “Midsummer,” “Summer School,” and “Rest”

Emily Paige Wilson: “Poet as Doctor,” “Poet as Historian,” and “To The Woman Who Trolled Me on Twitter About Title IX”

Jim Zola: “In Kingdom City” and “The Disembodied Cry”


Kolleen Carney: “The Way It Is Now”