We’re a week past the autumn equinox, and a storm may or may not bless us with rain on Tuesday.  We’re not holding our breath.  We’re not wondering what it will take to wash the indifferent dust from the politician’s face and hands. We’re not hoping tomorrow will bring a change, for we know that all there is is now. You’re here, now, so read some of the good words from our seventh issue! Let them replenish your literary reservoirs!

Gale Acuff: “The Moral of the Story

Stephen Briseño: “My Grandma’s Kitchen on Denver Ave.,” “To My Five-Year-Old Starting Kindergarten,” and “All Trees Dream of Fire

Ana Cottle: “Every human being is worlds apart

Isla Cueva: “This One Is for My Mother,” “Half-Hearted,” and “Confessional

D.S. Maolalai: “Sudden Showers,” “The Weight of Leaves,” and “The Artist

sara matson: “wet talk” and “ouija queen

Michael Minassian: “Come on Down,” “A Sound Like Spiderwebs,” and “Reflections on a River

Mark A. Murphy: “An Old Hut on Baildon Moor” and “Encounters with Modern Art

Kristin Roedell: “Jazz Man” and “The Opposite of Waves

Daphne Stanford: “Suffice,” “Caressing Nouns,” and “Translucence

Rekha Valliappan: “A Fistful of Indigo

Grace Yannotta: “Shoot