Not to get all Jungian, but when the lights shine at slanted angles over our corrugated clothes, the shadows show us who we really are, in all our distorted, accurate glory. For our 29th issue, we’ve got the radio tuned to the static between stations where, if you listen closely enough, you might hear your life story being told in someone else’s voice, through someone else’s words. As with any shadow worth its salt, these 17 works both are and are not you. You might as well read them to find out where they (where you) go . . .


Sara Barnett: “Pick Your Two Favorite Worst Words Here” and “Mussels on Oysters”

Sarah(Qiuqi) Bovold: “I Don’t See the Water”

Katie Doarn: “The Wedding Planners”

Hermelinda Hernandez: “Subtle Places Buried Near My Shoulder” and “Absence of Nowhere”

Megan Hutchinson: “From Esther, With Love” and “A Murmuration”

DS Maolalai: “ruining my reputation” and “diving in portugal”

Jennifer Phillips: “Deer Tick” and “Disclaimer”

Marc Isaac Potter: “The musicians of” and “Some people pick their nose”

Mykyta Ryzhykh: “we are going on the road”

Charles Weld: “Turtle Carvings” and “Hastings the Bootmaker”