Heartwood refers to the tree’s dead core but is what the carpenter seeks for the aesthetic tannin density and disinclination to rot. Sapwood, on the other hand, forms the basis of the bleached pulp rendered into greeting cards, such as those exchanged on Valentine’s Day, a much more terse affair. Pursue not that static gathering of dust!

Let the pulse of these sixteen writers light you a new way.


Ruben Baca: “Savior, Crucify” and “The Death of Spring

Ray Ball: “Improved Starling

Jerrod E. Bohn: “Little White Wine” and “The Afternoon of Heavy Snows

Kevin Canfield: “Sonnet for a Point Guard in Winter

Darren Demaree: “Emily as the Blurbs on the Back of a Popular Mystery Novel,” “Emily as We Do Whatever We Want To,” and “Emily as the Ohio River in 1953

Bradley J. Fest: “2019.04

Matthew Bruce: “Bookmarks

Tricia Lopez: “Trigger Kitchen

Brandy McKenzie: “Box of teeth,” “What was I saying again?” and “Boundaries and inventories

dan raphael: “give the moon 3 good reasons” and “Ready’s Anybody Can Be

Forrest Rapier: “Atlantic Baptism

Ron Riekki: “($tyx) In China,” “When I Got Out of the Military, I Did a Cartwheel in the Parking Lot,” and “As an EMT, I Saw a Guy

Savannah Slone: “Glimpsing” and “This Body & Other Cemeteries

S.E. Swea: “A Father’s Love, and Other Myths

Stephanie Athena Valente: “Reluctant Gods

Paul Willis: “California, California” and “The Gathering