Give the moon 3 good reasons

Traffic flow of hollow pods
My radio is tuned to bacon
When i close my eyes my hair glows
Room for one less
That blue and green ball keeps following me

We’re so beyond on or off
Glass that clings to itself
The last hair i lost
Like an avocado with doors
Birds with messages on their chests

The soil doesn’t see it that way
Let the door catch its breath
My pillowcase maps the pacific
Breakfast is still theoretical


Ready’s Anybody Can Be

As if backyard tennessee reaches the edge of the pacific
chipping granite til it bleeds sweet tea
crickets refusing to be reined or digitized
too hot for mason jars or any lids

Maybe dinner can distract everyone
shoes for somewhere other than feet
a voice you can scale fish with
fingers the meteorologist couldn’t decode
hopping from hotels to hardware stores

When the only clue is the last apple
whose seeds between our toes wiggling
like bait, waiting for something so thin
you can’t handle it without bleeding
skin uncalloused, well-lathered,
sliding like a horse galloping in a hail storm,
manhole cover flying toward me like a frisbee

Anyone can fly if they totally deny the road
the edge twinkling as a warning or temptation
caution is cowardice, a destination i didn’t know i had
reveals few options, reluctant connections
my pockets full of adapters and patch cords
a current so direct i barely get out of its way


dan raphael’s poetry collection Manything was published last fall by Unlikely Books; this fall Flowstone Press will bring out dan’s Moving with Every. Recent poems appear in Caliban, Great Weather for Media, Slippage, Qwerty and S/Word. Most Wednesdays dan writes and records a current events poem for the KBOO Evening News.