A shirtless man stopped me in an empty parking lot to ask if I had secrets to sell. I didn’t.

He then gestured to the building behind us and asked if I had keys to this place. I did but told him I didn’t.

I should have told him to read Issue 14 of Rabid Oak, where we’ve got both secrets and keys, and if the mystery isn’t solved, it’s propagated.


Kristine Brown: “Always, Watch the Road

Jacob Butlett: “Your Potential,” “Sacrament,” and “The Zen of Sweeping the Floor

Warren Cox: “Lit Concerto for Woodpecker and Small Orchestra

Stacy Cremer: “lackluster

Katherine Fallon: “Joy, the Long Unfinished Bridge, Carries You,” “Expecting Naught,” and “One Does Not Sleep

Howie Good: “Small Town Living” and “The End

Ashley Green: “Apple Valley

James Croal Jackson: “Alone in a Movie Theater” and “How to Play with Food / Scarcity

Faith Christine Lai: “hold / let go,” “there were two,” and “are you there? i’ve been calling

D.S. Maolalai: “Howth Junction

Robin Ray: “The Road to Alamogordo

Kelli Simpson: “Wrong Side Of,” “Italians Throw Oranges,” and “She Keeps the Moon

Lindsey Warren: “The Hunter

Kate Wilson: “Blood Hound Summer / Dead Bird Summer

Grace Yannotta: “For You and the 206 Bones in the Body” and “Considering the Lillies