For You and the 206 Bones in the Body

A rapture to the tips of my toes, I
Find myself looking for you in each whim.
A breathy promise entangled between
Our fingers and the weight of a system
In your words. Suddenly the corps, the build,
Cells at their most integral ascend to
The metaphysical. Beams of light stripped
Across your eyes, that’s the scene I’m haunted
By, because we both share a fear of the
Dark. The dark, and the sea. An embrace of
Paradoxicalities, the sun and
The moon and the two of us yearning for
Light at the very same time, not knowing
It lingers in our irises, our ribs.


Considering the Lilies

Considering the Lillies



Grace Yannotta is currently in her senior year of high school in North Carolina. She has work published or forthcoming in Parhelion Lit, Night Music Journal, Entropy, Jenny Mag, and Rise Up Review, among others. You can find her on Twitter @lgyanno.