Cataclysm Days: Wanda Unpacks the Theological Implications Raised by the Practice of Mufucky

My husband understands the benefits of mufucky
Let the pastor judge me in her wrecked church
Giant voles smash the steeples of those who refuse friendship
Survivors learn to cuddle up with whatever holds control

She denounced the clips I posted before the changes too
But those pics covered the shortfall after Hank got fired
Obedience to commandments empty the cupboards
Voles offer tribute in half-chewed meat when they visit

Human lovers before the change bestowed gifts in dollars
Hank played cucky for cash and mufucky for cutlets
He watches and approves each act a client may request
Her Jesus has never supplied so much as a soup bone

The pastor urged my stoning when mutant traffic increased
Giant octopi hump to my door with their lusts and gifts
Business success equaled supreme evil despite the fact
She had preached God blessed the elect with wealth before the change

Pleasure goes beyond tails or tentacles
Union extends farther than a penis or proboscis
Prayer will not raise toppled school buildings but mutant strength can
A wise God winks if mufucky saves His steeple

If Hank can love my kids despite their confused DNA
Why must the pastor call them unnatural devil spawn?
He’s their dad and I’m their mom and that’s family enough
Love pierces prejudice against limbs that end in pinchers

Did we not once worship men comingled with bulls and birds?
Did we not bow to the wisdom of lion-pawed women?
The pastor calls me whore who gives birth to monsters
I say I am mother to new gods


Cataclysm Days: Jonas Recalls the Auguries of Imminent Change

After the end times come the begin times said the Prophet Pedro, well known by all.
Well known because his beamed exhortations hosed up bandwidth and crashed the internet.
Prophet Pedro claimed galactic overlords had returned him to smooth the way.
He performed the rite of the anal probe and orated sermons with guitar teeth,
thrums of revelation decoded by our spines that distant-viewed weird miracles—
the wave of instant evolution would leave no DNA overturned.
He proved his might by inciting El Nino rainstorms from clear California skies
while singing blizzard hosannas, the ogled drifts of which stirred prognostications,
possible futures of a chimera commonwealth forecast by snow patterns.
Those who profess surprise in regard to this new existence deserve mockery,
Prophet Pedro spewed ample omens if one bathed in the irrational upsurge.
By the time our galactic overlords debarked from their neutronium saucers,
humans capable of interpreting their lucid dreams waited by landing sites.
But even we failed to envision the joys of unicellular orgies


After 22 Air Force years, Chuck Von Nordheim shifted his battle scene from the tarmac to the classroom. Now, instead of repairing radars, he teaches composition at Clark State Community College in Springfield, Ohio. One can find more of his Cataclysm Days poetry in the pages of Star*Line, Abyss & Apex, Devilfish Review, and Liquid Imagination.