you push
people away
to the point
we have to
watch you
destroy yourself
from a


Because of Boys.

i stayed home from a show.  a show i wanted to go.  but i didn’t go.  didn’t go to the show.  because i’m a girl. and girls can’t go alone.  can’t go alone to the show.  i’m a girl. and girls get raped.  girls get raped everyday. girls get raped everywhere.  be it night or in day.  girls get raped raped everyday. so i play it safe. i stayed home today.  stayed home did not go to the show. kept my body at home.  kept it behind closed doors.


Double Standards

why do women
have to
to be promiscuous

called a slut
be my whore
on your knees

no equality
in getting laid
in getting paid
who made things
this way

bow down
your head
wipe off
that grin

squeal for me
it in

take that ride
i make the rules
it’s in your mouth
with spit and drool

shut your mouth
scream my name
now that
i’m done

you go


Triggered by Trump

in 2017
everywhere you turn
the worst I’ve ever seen

tiki torches burning up
marching in the night
police protected them
to have their right to, right?

nothing happens now
that’s labeled as extreme
they normalize and minimize
to oil the machine

obedient and terrified of their
tactics, torture, violence
that we shouldn’t push back
and take it all in silence

exploited, lied to
used and abused
to profit all for them
they’ll use just about any excuse

while the fat cats get fatter
by giving us commands
explaining things in ways
that’ll make us comply and “understand”

just agree with it, c’mon now
whatever, ya,  just sign
don’t read the fine print
that’s just above the dotted line

now you’ve sold out your own people
without knowing
it’s too late
and now you gotta get going
to the job you fuckin hate

you work for another worker
up the chain in command
till the riches reach the top
to those who only give commands

they treat you live a servant
like a serf, like a slave
because you both know now
that you’re easily replaced

yet you have the gall
the audacity to have pride
in something called America
‘cuz you believe in all the lies

indoctrinated to believe
the U.S.moral, right
when it’s fascist oppression
is hidden in plain sight

just ignore how the system
uses you in its plan
for white superiority
for the rich, that’s the whole plan

it’ll continue to grow stronger
never giving up its power
the longer it goes unchallenged
as long as people stay low cowered

what will it take for the final trigger
for people finally getting fed up
of how things have always been
a sham a scam a set up
or have the people finally gave up
walking a straight line with their arms up?

we’ve had police brutality
murder of young blacks
even that wasn’t even enough
for us to attack back

now we have massive deportations
we have petitions, strikes, sit ins
when will people understand
that that’s not the way to get in

i go to marches and the protests
hoping one will be the unrest
that will finally trigger the revolt
i’ve been waiting; I’m now frustrated
getting tired getting old

so it’s up to everyone now the next
to how this game finally plays out
we let it get this far
there’s already Trump at the forefront

we lost our chance with Bernie
proved the system doesn’t work
how long are we waiting
for things to get worse and worse?

the alt right has the armory
the left remains divided
they have the president on their side
but the outcomes undecided

the line has been drawn in the sand
now decide where you stand


Kitty Anarchy is an anarchafeminist, chicana womyn poet that resides in the San Gabriel Valley, California. She has seven cats but her favorite is ChiChi and two dogs named Bandit and Nibbit.