She was endless.

I felt like an infinite river of
uncertain waters, flowing through
currents of thought and ideas that
were not my own, not even hers.

She was frank.

I knew that the melody I’d
hide in the first syllable would
vibrate in the soul of her soul
that she’d be exposed to the unknown act of
my vulnerability.

She was distant.

I heard words of wisdom from the fabric
of her dreams, the warmth of her breath
the stories her navel told.
Truth lived in the ether of her kiss
Time was the substance of our nights.

She was not mine.

I fooled myself into thinking she was anyone’s.
I have seen constellations spell her name.
Strange voices call her
when sorrow settles in. Words fade when
her embrace is all that is left.

She was nothing. She was everything.
She has no name
and this nameless face I love
rides the wind in search of hope.

During these hours
it is lost
the eternal verse she’d call home.


Born in the Dominican Republic in 1989, Elisa C. Martinez Salazar is the author of poetry collection Desvelo, silencios y recuerdos (Granada, 2012). Her works of poetry and narrative have been included in the anthologies Desde el corazon II (Madrid, 2013), Otoño e Invierno (Madrid, 2014) and Una poesia per Giulia (Rome, 2015), as well as in magazines Resonancias Literarias (France), Revista Almiar (Spain), Rivista Inverso (Italy), El Café Latino (France), Revista Cronopio (Colombia), Revista Mandrágora (Guatemala), Visions International (U.S.), Central American Literary Review (Nicaragua), Progetto Babele (Italy) and Revista Alquimia (Mexico). She has blogged for The Huffington Post and enjoys exploring her lyricist facet. Her short story Vera was nominated for the 2017 Best of the Net Awards.