Last Parade

Crash. I sat up. Peter’s laundry bucket had toppled. Army-issue deodorant soaked his shorts. He lay on the bottom bunk. Exposed his feet to the green moonlight. A battle-dressed figure fled the room. They must have kicked the bucket. I wore my assassins and slunk to the corridor. Climbed over the railing and plummeted six floors. Pillow mushrooms absorbed my weight. I stood and dusted the spores from my arms. Biorockets choked the parade square with the smell of tuna. Peter stood in front of the flagpoles, head bowed. I coughed. He straightened, saluted me, and marched towards the guardhouse.


Ryan Tan studies English Literature at the National University of Singapore. His fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Straylight, Grimdark, Bone Parade, Altered Reality, and The 13 Days of Christmas.