Celestial Event, December 2020

Lonely pulse between my temples;
Lonely planets meeting in the dark:
Saturn, a being with ears,
Jupiter, a great red eye
attended by the small steady tears
of Europa, Io, I forget the rest.

In the city I listen to keyboard clash
and warble as I watch the towers:
their steel bones, their red electric lights.
My friend is in the other room.
We are close. We are not close
to touching. We don’t understand each other
always. What I mean is
we are two lonely planets in the dark.
What I mean is, I love this song.
I love to imagine bodies
and the space between them.


Briar Ripley Page lives in London, England with their spouse, cats, and roommates. They are the author of the Florida gothic novella Corrupted Vessels, the erotic dystopian novel Body After Body, the poetry chapbook Wyrm Hymns, and an upcoming collection of short stories from swallow::tale press. Find Briar online at briarripleypage.xyz.