We squirmed our feet to sink them beneath the wet sand, and only when we had buried our ankles did we feel a squirming that was something more than a receding wave. Raising one foot, we witnessed an array of Pacific mole crabs, Emerita analoga, falling from our soles to squirm the tide line. I felt like we had intruded. Later, facing a pulled pork sandwich in an outdoor dining area, I unhooked my mask and felt the same way, like I had stepped into a plot that I only half-recognized.

I felt alone in the universe but then remembered the strange/familiar work in our 19th issue. May the words of these fourteen authors remind you that you’re not alone, even when you are.


Dallas Allen: “Refrain”

Christine Breede: “Each Day”

Holly Day: “Just in Case”

Allie Donahue: “Dixie Cups”

Ricky Garni: “Buttons” and “Portals”

Gary Leising: “On Faith,” “Rainbow Glove” and “My Son, Cleaning His Room, Throws Away the Following”

Bruce McRae: “Tools of the Trade”

Ken Meisel: “Shock” and “The Angel Ashriel Lifts Me out of Me”

Cameron Morse: “The Names of Clouds” and “Homestead”

Oak Morse: “/bars/”

Chris Nielsen: “Point of Return”

Cathy Ulrich: “Smile Like You Mean It”

Austin Veldman: “Making It Up as We Go”

Liza Wemakor: “Them Part, or Durie’s Delay”