I gave my new dog my old dog’s collar. I gave him a different name but the collar stayed the same. Mostly it’s nice, it reminds me of my first pup whose rolling bark and knotted fur I miss every day. A cop pulls us over during a morning walk down a street my old dog never wanted to trot. The officer asks to see our papers. He leans over and checks my dog’s collar as I spelunk through my backpack for the forms. “Your dog’s name is different on the collar.” the cop says “I have reason to believe this isn’t your dog but it is actually another dog.”

“Wait!” I plead, “this is my dog!” I lean in close and say “who’s my good boy?”

Me! my dog barks.

“No” I say “Not you. You are not Princess.”


Noah “Noah Farberman” Farberman is a Toronto writer and comedian. Noah has been published by Cypress, Pink Plastic House, and Long Con. Currently Noah studies Creative Writing at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus.