A month ago, my neighbor asked me to drive out to Antelope Valley to retrieve a skull he had loaned to a natural history replica supplier. He’s dying of cancer–my neighbor that is–and wants to put his affairs in order before he turns off the lights. The skull existed quietly in a blue metal box on the floorboard, the car’s air conditioning keeping me cool as the creosote and yucca palms sped past, and I don’t know whether I was dehydrated or over-caffeinated, but I found it hard to swallow all the way home. And that, brothers and sisters, brings us to our fifteenth issue, one inhabited by signs and signals, but whether to stop, slow, or hit the gas, well, that’s up to you.


Édgar Omar Avilés: “Cloud

Kit Armstrong: “The Searchers,” “Peony,” and “Molasses

Kevin Chesser: “We Have People for That,” “By Our Infinite Powers Combined,” and “The Explorer

Jennifer F.: “The Lighter

Howie Good: “Submarine

Dave Gregory: “An Ostentation of Peafowl

Brigid Hannon: “This Isn’t English Class

Cameron Haramia: “Garden in the City

David Dodd Lee: “Drought” and “Movie Extra

Carla Martin: “A Kaleidoscope of My Lover

Chris Nielsen: “Oroville” and “Slow Burn

Jose Oseguera: “Boustrophedon

Elizeya Quate: “Years Are Sentences

Kevin Risner: “They Are Bascule Bridges

Dan Tobin: “Elegy for the Possum Left Dead in the Daylight