Portrait of a Capitalist

My home is on the side of a cliff. My wife is a fashion icon and so are my two or three children. The dog is not a dog. I know a lot about art. I have a beautiful painting from the 19th century hanging above the fireplace. I think it’s about God because when I purchased it, the lights dimmed.

My best friend has shoulders wide enough to stand on, like a helicopter platform. My mother taught me tact; this is why my fingernails have rescinded into my lungs. My assistant, hiding underneath her desk, recounts a story from her youth about going to the cinema and eating candy. I am grateful she took the time to humanize herself. I show my gratitude by throwing her a pound of beef. She gobbles it up and I know she is happy.
In the afternoons, I take warm baths. My spiritual advisor says I’m choking. The mail has been piling up for years, so now I have to hire some ugh to burn it. After getting wine-drunk, I take to sleep. I do not dream. It’s a waste of energy.

Every morning I wake up with amnesia for the new day. Thank you Lord for we are blessed.



I am bored by that song you like and your favorite style of movement and your favorite bar and your favorite gallery and your favorite discoteque and your favorite….

Hi friend. I can’t be around right now because I only see an abysmal bedlam of blase, please leave a message.

I’m falling but I think the earth and its buildings are suffering from ataxia.

While sexy excelsa sunbathes in Rio, Bertholletia spits melanoma all over the belly of Bombus and Christine Xylocopa. I forget where that happened but amnesia is mostly a myth like Poseidon and evolution.


Bryan Edenfield was born in Arizona but has lived in Seattle since 2007. He was the founder and director of the small press and literary arts organization, Babel/Salvage. He hosted and curated the Glossophonic Showcase and the Ogopogo Performance Series. His writing has been published by Sporklet, Mantra Review, Underwood Press, Meekling Review, TL;DR, Soft Blow Magazine, Plinth, and others. He was a recipient of the Jack Straw Writers Fellowship for 2018 and is currently the host and producer of the Hollow Earth Radio program, Glossophonics.