On a postcard of Mexican beaches
From my sister’s vacation last year
It was the red umbrella that got my
Attention – I flipped it over to read
Her note: I hope you’re doing well
This place is heaven and next year
I’m bringing you. A smiley face to
Indicate sincerity, scrawled in free
Pen stroke. I turned the paper back
Over to find the city and paused; It
Was such a pure ocean wave that I
Beheld, such perfect blend of blue
And green, like dazzling gemstone
Or dancing northern lights, so cool
And clean and endless, just like my
Favorite pair of eyes – I quickly set
It down and mailed him from mind.


Paige Bruckner is a 21-year-old college student living in Utah. When she’s not studying, she can be found at her laptop writing poetry. She is on Tumblr as paigebruckner and Twitter as @BrucknerPaige.