With 2018 another growth ring cluttering the trunk, may 2019 witness your process of refining all those expired memories and experiences into fuel to keep you churning your path to the ends of whatever Earth is left in your little corner of the world, and may the words within this issue guide you through those dark nights filled with both monsters and mirrors.  You matter.


Glen Armstrong: “Among the Forgetters #93″ and “Chronic Town #19

J. David: “NaCl

David Dodd Lee: “Factory Reading” and “Angle of Purpose

Elisabeth Horan: “Methods,” “I Can’t Be,” and “La Magnolia y La Pera

Allison Hummel: “Mortal Weekend,” “Dreams,” and “Squid in its Own Ink

Stephen Mead: “The Bravery of Being” and “Rise

Donia G. Mounsef: “Daylight in the Arc,” “A Town Hammock on Great Slave Lake,” and “Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cemetery

Trace Ramsey: “Nest” and “When We Worked

C.C. Russell: “Campfire Stories and the Rules of Eating

Lisa Stice: “We Pretended Too Hard

M. Stone: “Recovered Memory

Jenna Vélez: “Better Man” and “the girl in the needle

Anca Vlasopolos: “Facial Recognition” and “Putting on Weight

Ellie White: “Hypnophobia #6

Lindsey Warren: “The Other Side of the Street” and “Self-Portrait with Water and Color