Raw Wood
—after Javier Carrillo’s “Untitled”

Maple, PeCo, and
White Birch sold for $3.50.
Washington Pine, under 18.
Stolen north Asian Maple: potent and free.
12-year-old fermented PeCo: Scarlet and Mauve.
The Palletero’s empathy; cow life stolen by a slit throat and a white Birch
popsicle stick, the purest for suckling and seducing at an affordable price.


El Rojo
—after Javier Carrillo’s “Un dia de Trabajo”

the first alarm sounds, a stock alarm, a good alarm, the very best alarm, millions
of alarms blare, but not all alarms are good alarms, they’re bad, very bad, the worst.

a cot, the Chivas blanket folded over, it’s brilliant, perfect, brilliant,
sonidos de cagada from the restroom.

the esposa packs lunch into a thermos, a true (war) hero, not like John McCain.

the eighth alarm, Imagine Dragons: Believer, platinum, bacon crisps in the kitchen, aromatics of dying pig, colon close parentheses.

The family dog wakes his owner up with a French kiss, Bethany shrieks: “they’re here.”

the print center spits a piece of paper onto the catching tray, translated termination instructions, please refill ink.

the lawnmower murders two inch blades of grass, the gardener continues working, he and his partners lack sympathy; criminals, murderers.

the weed-wacker buzzes, abruptly shuts off.

“hola” “Yes, how are you?” “no se como decir esto, pero ya no queremos tu” “Excuse me?” “uh, no se, uh, ya vamonos tu…”
These don’t make any sense, Bethany. They’re looking at me funny.
We don’t need you anymore. You can finish up for today, don’t forget the side of the house. Here’s your check. Gracias.

Anthony JaureguiAnthony Salvador Jauregui III is a playwright, improviser, and comedy buff from Bakersfield, California. Anthony is a produced playwright and was an opinions writer and editor for CSU Bakersfield’s student newspaper: The Runner. When not honking at people in traffic, he studies improvisation at The Groundlings.